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Dt. Evangelene Wankhar

About Us

I am Dietician Evangelene Wankhar. I have done my MSc in Nutrition and Dietetics. My focus on Health and Nutrition is very simple. I go with the saying. " Eat Healthy to Live Healthy". I love to innovate with food, creating new recipes and enjoy f

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How It Works

How It Works

Our Top Programs

Programs tailored to meet your every nutrition need.

Stress Integrative Nutrition Therapy

Food reflect's your behavior. If you are stressed and want to live a healthy and stress free life, we have this diet plan for your worries.

Pregnancy Nutrition Counseling

Are you pregnant, and not sure about your diet and your baby’s development? This diet plan is for you.

Post Pregnancy Nutrition Consultancy

Have you just delivered baby, and not sure about your diet and your baby’s development? This diet plan is for you.

Group Consultation

Meet new, like-minded people to hit your goals together. Connect from anywhere in the world and start achieving your health goals

If they can, so can you

Creating diet plans that lead to lifestyle changing experiences

Country : India

Weight Loss: loss weight in 1year from 79kg to 67kg

Weight Loss: Started eating correct form of food by adding more salads, fruits, fibre foods and less fats and simple carbs

“Ashwin has been my client for more than a Year and with his consistency in achieving his goals, It was amazing to see his transformation. So far Ashwin is working on improving his muscle mass and going for strenth training after achieving his weight loss journey with me.”

Country : India

Weight Loss: from 95kg to 88kg

“Manoj Came to me as a client while I was working with Goqii, he was bulky and was looking for fat loss, and within 3months he achieved his goal of losing mostly fats from 95kg to 88kg.”